Investigating native plants for South Australian pickles

Congratulations to the ABCC team!

We have been awarded an Innovations Connections Grant of $25,000, under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme to work with local food company Spring Gully. We will be looking for native plants that can potentially be used to colour Spring Gully products such as pickles and onions.

The official media release can be accessed here. The story also ran in the Adelaide Advertiser on Thursday 15th September.

Arid awakening: new opportunities for Australian plant natural product research

The Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre has its first publication!

The paper titled “Arid awakening: new opportunities for Australian plant natural product research” highlights the potential of the under explored arid region of Australia as a source for novel natural products with medicinal, food and agricultural potential.

The lead author, Dr Bradley Simpson is an NHMRC Early Career research Fellow with Flinders University and works on several projects with the ABCC. Brad has significant experience collaborating with several Indigenous groups from Australia, where Indigenous and Western know-how are combined to explore the therapeutic mysteries of plant medicines used in customary practice.

The paper also reveals the unique opportunities of our multi-disciplinary approach, using ecological and indigenous knowledge to guide the discovery of novel natural products from (South) Australia’s unique arid habitats.

The paper is available online here.

Thanks Brad!