Professor Phil Weinstein
Entomologist, plant-insect interactions and strategic leadership of multi-disciplinary research collaborations
Associate Professor Bob Milne
Drug discovery, pharmacokinetics and metabolism of drugs, antimicrobial drugs, drug interactions with complementary medicines
Professor Grant Booker Biochemist, understanding protein structure and function to develop novel drugs
Dr Paul Dalby Business Development Manager, connects science, policy and community together to drive innovation in improved management of water, natural resources and agriculture
Professor Jason White Pharmocologist, facilitating progression of target compounds through the stages of pharmaceutical development
Dr Susan Semple Pharmacist, collaborative research partnerships with Australian Aboriginal communities to investigate traditional plant medicines
Dr Rietie Venter Microbiologist, multi-drug resistant microbes, novel ways of treating infectious disease by characterising bacterial membrane proteins
Professor Michelle Waycott Botanist, adaptation and survival of plants in extreme environments and human utilisation of native plant species
Professor Andrew Lowe Plant biologist, molecular-based approach to understand, monitor and manage biodiversity
Professor Vincent Bulone Plant biochemistry, cell wall polysaccharide structure and metabolism in higher plants, oomycetes and fungi
Professor Simon Pyke Chemist, synthesis and interaction of bioactive molecules with proteins
Associate Professor Darren Trott Microbiologist with research expertise in antimicrobial resistance and virulence in zooanthroponotic bacterial pathogens
Dr Brad Simpson Chemist, chemical and pharmacological characterisation of Australian Aboriginal traditional plant medicines
Dr John Conran Evolutionary biologist, molecular characterisation of Australian seed plants in response to climate change
Ben Sparrow Ecologist, collection and surveillance monitoring of Australian arid zone plants
Dr Kate Delaporte Propagation, cultivation, and breeding of new varieties of Australian native plants
Dr Casey Hall Insect-plant interactions and phytochemical profiles of native plant populations
External collaborators:
Professor Birger Møller Biochemist, elucidating biosynthetic pathways of bioactive plant natural products
Professor Tony Carroll Natural products drug discovery and compound isolation and structural determination using NMR
Board members:
Andrew Johnson (Chair) Natural resource and environmental management consultant, environmental impact assessment, soil conservation and land management
Geoff Thomas Axant Corporate Advisory – experience in improving businesses, startups, exporting in many sectors from defence and manufacturing through to life sciences and technology
Dr Rick White Livestock Central – veterinarian with over 20 years of experience, expertise in ruminant reproduction and nutrition
Lindsay Carthew Philanthropist – Molecular Life Sciences, Adelaide University
Dr Wayne Harvey Consultant – member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, expertise in managing, strategic planning and business strategy development for research projects